Art, Soul, and Stone

This is my journey note space and gallery for sharing my art and creative ventures. I love to play with ideas and materials in a quest to express beauty, explore meaning, and expand magic. May you enjoy my sharing and learn from my challenges and joys. I trust that you, my kind, generous, creative and beautiful reader, will take the words and images of my journey notes, and as Dinah Maria Craik so eloquently put it . . .

Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.

If you are reading this, the website is finally live and I am celebrating that long looked for event with an “Open Studio” celebration this Saturday July 12, 2014. My wonderful little website is a work in progress and will have a lot of tweaks and updates happening regularly over the course of its life and mine.

I am thrilled to have an online gallery available for interested souls and a blog space to share my creation stories and journey. You are most welcome to follow me along the way. I will be adding email subscriptions and social media follows in the near future. Right now my online presence is somewhat barebones. I plan on adding some flesh to those barebones and then dressing it up with some fascinating colors, textures and contrasts that stir my soul and maybe yours.

Welcome and may my visions and creations lift you, delight you and shine some rainbows in your world.

May blessings and beauty rain down upon the garden of your soul.


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